With our industry expertise and patent-pending analytics platform, we drive unprecedented levels of results for our customers, increasing savings and opportunities across the healthcare industry in ways like never before.

Deep Industry Expertise

With 11 years of rapid growth, IPG is transforming the $160 Billion Implantable Device Market with a team of leading experts from every corner of the healthcare industry. With our deep industry expertise, IPG delivers proven solutions that enable affordable, high quality surgical care… and that’s our driving force.

Our Proprietary Data Increases Savings

Our team of experts is working for you, gathering relevant industry-wide trends and data to uncover your greatest opportunities for growth and savings. With our patent-pending data analytics technology, we custom-design programs and solutions specifically tailored to fit your needs. We significantly reduce total surgical costs to payers while aligning incentives and increasing facility and physician volume and profitability. This is the power of IPG.

Quick Implementation that Produces Results

With our collaborative implementation roadmap, your custom programs and solutions are executed quickly and efficiently, driving unprecedented results. With over a 95% provider satisfaction rating, our process has a proven track-record of success. Stand behind our experience and know that you’re getting taken care of.

Increased Optimization of Savings

We don’t just implement and run – ongoing monitoring and management of your customized program allows for an optimization of savings and increased opportunities. With a long-term partnership with IPG, you’ll see an increase in your program benefits as we identify new market trends and strategies for growth. As the market evolves, so do our solutions.

Learn How IPG's Solutions and Programs Bend The Cost Curve