IPG Announces Significant Expansion of their Surgical Cost Management Solutions within Aetna & other Leading Health Plans

Company demonstrates their proven strategies to deliver financially viable solutions to healthcare providers that directly impact healthcare costs and drive affordability of care.

ATLANTA, Georgia (May 26, 2015) – IPG, the recognized industry leading provider of Surgical and Implant Cost Management solutions is pleased to announce a significant expansion of their program within Aetna and several other leading health plans across the country. Through the development, IPG will continue to deliver a customized, data driven approach to enable their health plan partners to manage their surgical and implant costs more efficiently.

“Unrealistic markups, growing utilization and price variability are just a few of the challenges related to the $125 billion implantable medical device industry,” said Jay Ethridge, CEO of IPG. “At IPG, we continue to positively address those issues, having successfully deployed the program nationally, with proven results. We are excited to continue to effectively implement the program as a strategic partner to our stakeholders, continuing to share our best practices and deliver collaborative and customizable solutions to manage medical costs, with the ultimate objective of driving more affordable, high quality care for consumers.”

Due to the effective adoption of the program, and interest expressed by health plan and provider clients, IPG is deploying the same program to a broader number of providers nationwide. The cost and complexities involved in managing and maintaining implantable devices can be a major barrier to stand-alone outpatient surgical facilities performing routine surgical procedures. This relationship may help participating facilities better manage the financial burden of the implant, and supports and drives incremental case volume to these cost-effective providers. This makes it simple and affordable for them to offer surgical services and high quality implantable devices across all specialties, from plates and screws used in orthopedics to defibrillators in cardiology and more recently the more complex total knee and hip procedures that are shifting to outpatient surgical facilities.

In recent news, IPG’s primary competitor, Access Mediquip (AMQ), announced they were shutting their doors. In addition to the current market expansion, IPG is providing an immediate solution for those providers to help them manage through the AMQ transition. Backed by Sequoia Capital and Camden Partners, and with a current operational plan that has had additional capacity built in for significant growth, IPG’s strong financial and operational capability will make it a seamless transition. IPG has experience with sizeable implementations and has invested in the resources that will help us grow our business and deliver the programs and results IPG’s clients expect. The stability and proof of the success of the IPG model is validated by their overall facility customer satisfaction consistently exceeding 95%. IPG’s referenceable providers can also speak to the unique benefits of the model, the seamless integration, prompt approval times and robust manufacturer network, as well as the value and profitability that the program brings to participating providers.

About IPG

As the Surgical and Implant Cost Management leader, IPG delivers a customized, data driven approach to enable their health plan partners to manage their surgical and implant costs more effectively. Providing true end-to-end solutions for the healthcare industry, IPG serves as a strategic capability for health plans to manage cost and risk in a unique way that drives collaboration between the plan, their healthcare providers, manufacturers and physicians to ensure that patients receive increased access to affordable and innovative lifesaving and life-enhancing device-intensive medical therapies. Additionally, IPG’s award winning analytics platform for implantable procedures delivers transparency to impact the entire health care transaction process and all sites of care. Continued expansion of IPG’s surgical cost management platform will help health plans to deploy programs that will improve their ability to manage risk and deliver actionable information to everyone involved in a patient’s surgical procedure to drive lower costs and high quality care for consumers.

For more information about IPG, call us at 1-866-753-0046, or visit us on the web at www.ipg.com.