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Let us connect you with with a referenceable facility that has faced similar challenges and hear how their partnership with IPG has positively impacted their business.

Learn How IPG Can Help:

  • Increase Your Profitability with Minimal Cash Outlay
  • Drive Payer Reimbursement & Coverage
  • Increase revenue from New, More Complex Procedures
  • Gain Health Plan Access & Prioritization
  • Reduce Administrative Burden through EHR Integration
  • Alleviate Patient Collection Efforts
  • Drive New Physician Recruitment
  • Establish Coverage of New Technology
  • Fast and Accurate Case Approval Times
“The IPG program infrastructure and partnership with Anthem really does support facilities that want to remain independent, or physicians who want to deliver care in the independent setting to the benefit of the patient. Not only has the program enabled us to get paid enough to perform higher acuity cases, but it alleviates the typical billing and reimbursement processes, and we don’t have to outlay the cash for the procedure.”

– RN, CASC, CNOR Administrator
(Wooster Ambulatory Surgery Center)